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How did you enjoy the meeting on How is it Possible for Diverse Human Cultures / Nations to Peacefully Co-Exist?
What about the What is Consciousness topic?
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3 thoughts on “Comments and Reviews”

  1. Hey, you’ve really come up with some great questions and some really interesting group discussions. Looking forward to more and more. Thanks for all of your effort and contributions in making Seminole a brighter place.

  2. It is a very different experience to have 15 people, listening attentively while you speak. It is actually empowering.

  3. I think we had an energetic meeting. We certainly examined a lot of important questions about consciousness, as a phenomenon that most everyone acknowledges as “real”, but there are many different opinions as to why and how it has come to exist. I think the “why”, for me is easier to answer: because it works. Consciousness has given us a crucial advantage over other species in the challenges to adapt and expand in an ever-changing environment. The “how” seems much more difficult to get a clear picture of. How does a “sense of self” arise from the electrochemical processes of neurons and the brain?

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